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Gamma Motors is proud to offer the Ultimate Transmission upgrades For the Nissan/infiniti JATCO JR710E 7 Speed Automatic transmission. Our Main focus from the beginning was to offer a complete true solution through out the whole assembly and not only to certain gears. The stage 4 transmission upgrade will add significant improvement to all seven gears of all the transmission parts that listed here.


   Gamma Motors Friction Discs

   Gamma Motors Separator Plates

   Gamma Motors Clutch Module Assemblies

   Gamma Motors Torque Converter Friction Discs

   Gamma Motors Torque Convertor 

   Gamma Motors Apply pistons

   Gamma Motors Metal surface treatment 

   Gamma Motors Valve Body

These upgrades results in the improvement listed below : 

   Increase Heat capacity resistance by upgrading OE friction material from   OEM D-0530-31toGamma Motors D-0880-88.  (35% Over Stock) 

   Increase Clutch Friction Plate Surface Area By increasing amount of clutches used (from 32 clutches to 44)

   Increase Torque holding capacities by 40% By using different friction materials and adding more clutch plates 

   Gamma Motors Separator Plates are used specially-made from high-quality steel to ensure durability,and are done inseveral processes to control surface finish to meet friction requirements

   Gamma Motors Stepped pressure plate

   All Separator and Pressure Plates are Surface treated to increase durability and reduce frictions 

   Gamma Motors Lube Modification

   Gamma Motors Apply Pistons

   Gamma Motors shift point and speed modification

When supplying us your transmission to build, select "NO" Core Charge.  If you are purchasing a transmission from us outright, you must select "YES" for the Core Charge.  A core charge is refundable once we receive your original serviceable transmission. 

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